9 So-called Healthy Foods That Are Actually Junk Foods In Disguise

9 So-called Healthy Foods That Are Actually Junk Foods In Disguise

junk foods in disguise

So many foods labeled as healthy today are actually junk foods in disguised. Thanks to the heavy marketing done by the people that produce them.

You’re eating them, most people are eating these so called healthy foods. As a result of this, the world is fatter and sicker because of them.

Here are 20 of those popular health foods that are actually junk foods in disguise.

1. Fruit juices

Yeah. This one is a very popular one. One almost everyone I know is guilty of.

Fruit juices

Many people today believe they are healthy foods. But alas, they’re not.

In fact, most of the fruit juices you find in the supermarkets today are not actually juices made from fruits.

They’re just sweetened chemicals made to taste like fruit.

Research shows that even if you’re even drinking 100 percent juice made from fruits, it’s still not a good idea, because when you make a real fruit juice, you’re eliminating most of the good stuff that makes up a fruit like the fiber.

What’s left when you make a fruit juice is just the sugar. You’ve eliminated the other good stuff your body needs.

It’s better to eat whole fruits than to drink fruit juice.

2. Margarine 

Eating margarine instead of real butter (grass-fed) is the actually the worst nutritional mistake you’re ever going to make.

Margarine is not food, but just a mixture of refine refined oil and chemicals that have been made to taste like food.

It’s the ultimate junk food if you ask me.

Butter was demonized back in the day due to the fact that it contains highly saturated fat. But studies like the Framingham Heart Study has shown that people who eat margarine are more likely to die of heart disease than people who eat butter.

So, try to eat real butter, instead of margarine which is just a mixture of chemicals and refined oils.

3. Low-fat and fat-free foods

When you see the word low-fat or fat-free in a food packaging, take to your heels.

Any food labelled like that is a highly processed product loaded with sugar.

Back in the day, saturated fat was demonised, as a result, most manufacturers started removing fat from all their foods.

The problem is, when you remove fat from food, the food tastes horrible. As a result, these same manufacturers started replacing the fat with sugar.

Today, research has shown that saturated fat is harmless. Sugar on the other hand is very harmful when too much of it is consumed.

So, all low-fat and fat-free foods are actually junk foods in disguise. Take to your hills when you see them.

4. Smoothies

smoothies junk foods in disguise

If you want a smoothie, make it at home. Most commercial smoothies marketed as healthy foods are just liquid sugar to say the list.

They have no nutritional value.

A good example of this is when The Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) sued Pepsico, the makers of Naked smoothie for misleading consumers claiming that their smoothie is healthier than they really are.

Check the ingredients carefully if you really have to buy a commercially made smoothie, or better still make it by yourself at home.

5. Sports drinks

Just because athletes drink it does not mean it is healthy for you.

Sports drinks were basically designed because of athletes, who need them to recover after the high physical activities and training they engage in.

These sports drinks are made up of electrolytes and sugars, which is not good for ordinary working people.

Even if you’re working out, its better you stick to plain old water if you want to hydrate than trying to mimic athletes and drinking these sugary sports drinks.

6. Vegetable oils

Several research and studies have shown that despite lowering cholesterol levels, vegetable oils like canola oil, soybean oil and grape seed oil act can increase the risk of death from both cancer and heart disease.

For your own health, it’s better that you stick to natural fats like coconut oil, olive oil and butter and avoid processed vegetable oils at all cost.

Vegetable oils are advertised to be healthy, but they’re actually one of the worst junk foods you can eat today.

7. Low carb junk food

Just because a food is low carb doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Although, low carb foods have a host of health benefits such as weight loss, food manufacturers have taken advantage of their popularity to produce highly processed low carb junk foods.

A good example of that is the Atkins bars. Take a look at the ingredients, and you’ll find no real food there. What you see is just refined ingredients and chemicals.

Eating products like this will not jeopardize your health, but these low carb junk foods don’t really nourish your body in any way, and they’re not to be eaten regularly.

Yes, they’re technically low carb, but they’re still junk foods and are unhealthy for you.

8. Vegan junk foods like vegan bacon and vegan pasta

Highly processed foods are bad for health whether they’re vegan or not.

Vegan bacon and vegan pasta are just some of them

The vegan diet’s popularity has given rise to many of these vegan highly processed foods which are meant to serve as replacements for non-vegan foods.

The reality is, they’re not healthy, even for vegans.

They’re junk foods.

Whether you’re vegan or not, if you want to eat and stay healthy, you have to shift your focus from these highly processed factory foods and eat natural whole foods.

9. Commercial salad dressings

Most of the salad dressings you find in supermarkets and grocery shops are incredibly unhealthy. They’re made with vegetable oil, sugar and other artificial chemicals which are not good for health.

Even though the vegetables you eat are very healthy, adding these kind of artificial salad dressings will compromise the nutrients already in your veggies.

These salad dressings are junk food in disguise of being healthy.

 If you’re grocery shopping, make sure you check the ingredients of any salad dressing you buy to make sure you’re eating the right thing, or you can just make your own for peace of mind.

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