Detoxes May Be Doing More Harm Than Good – Here’s Why

Detoxes May Be Doing More Harm Than Good – Here’s Why

Detoxes also known as cleanses are pretty popular today in the health community. People who use or sell them claim that they help remove toxins from our body and help rest our digestive system with the aim of helping us feel healthier, energized and even younger.

There are usually three categories or types of detoxes or cleanses.

Detoxes that replace foods with liquids

Detoxes that support your body’s natural detoxification and

Detoxes that cleanse your digestive tract

If you on several nutrition sites or maybe you go on pinterest and search the word detox, you’re going to find several of these detox drinks, smoothies and others.

The question is, does these detoxes really work? When asked this particular question, here’s what an Oakland based dietician called Ashley Reaver have to say.

She says “Detoxes are advertised as a means to rid the body of excess toxins, rest the digestion and immune systems, and restart metabolism. Unfortunately, detoxes don’t fulfill any of these claims.”

There’s actually no scientific evidence to prove that these detoxes actually work to help the body in any way or improve your health in some way.

Some of these detoxes also restrict your food intake so much that they may actually be harming your body rather than improve it. Hence they’re completely unnecessary.

If you want to improve your health, detoxes are not the best way to do it. There are more effective researched ways to improve your health.

The work of detoxifying your body is not meant for you to handle. The body has an inbuilt detoxifier – the good ole Liver. The liver is your natural built in detoxifier.

It helps to process the toxins in your body and converts tehm to non-harmful compounds that are either used by the body or are removed from it.

Hence, the work of detoxifying your body is done by the liver, not your detoxifier. In a nutshell, detoxes are unpleasant, unnecessary and are potentially harmful to your body. They’re ineffective, because the work of detoxifying the body is actually done by the liver.

If want to improve your health, there’re better ways to do so. To improve your health naturally, you need to understand your body, be happy and confident.

Here are a few ways you can improve your body naturally

Avoid foods that are highly processed

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Keep added sugar to a minimum in your diet

Make enough time for rest and relaxation during the day

Eat a meals high in soluble and insoluble fiber

Meditation and deep breathing

These are all better ways to improve your body and overall health. Detoxing won’t improve your health. It might even harm it.

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