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8 Things That Sneak Up On You In Life And How You Can Deal With Them

Whether you like it or not, one or more of these 5 things will likely sneak up on you in life, in one way or the other.

When you think everything is going just fine, and you’re having the best time of your life, then you find yourself entangled in one of these things.

Although a few of them are totally avoidable, you’re very likely to face one or more of them as you go along in life.

So, here they are: 7 things that sneak up on you in life.

Let’s start with a good one.

1. Love

When I was younger, I didn’t think much about loving someone of the opposite sex. All I loved was my family.

I never thought that one day, I would have very strong feelings for someone that I’ll meet one day. I used to tell my sister that I’m never going to marry.

I asked what the need for it was.

Today, I sure don't have the same view. What happened? Love. Love snuck up on me.

When you’re very young, you might not see the need to love anyone, but as you go on in life, it will surely sneak up on you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You just embrace it.

2. Heartbreak


Here comes the second, heart break.

One moment your life is going so well. You’ve fallen in love and you feel you’ve never been happier in your life.

Then the next moment, the person you love tells you he or she is no longer interested in you. Or maybe you find out, the love of your life is cheating on you with another person.

Something you could have sworn will never happen to you.

I mean, you were both so much in love. You thought nothing at all could break you apart. Then this same person tells you that you’re no longer needed.

He or she’s found someone else and you’re no longer needed.

This is how heartbreak sneaks up on you. You never expect it and you’re never prepared for it.

I mean, no one prepares for a heartbreak, right?

It just comes right at the moment you feel you’re very happy with your loved one.

But you have to accept the fact that people are imperfect, and sometimes they’re foolish and things change. So, that person you love so much and thinks love you so much can make mistakes in the future.

That doesn’t mean he or she didn’t love you, but circumstances has turned things around. Heartbreak has sneaked up on you. The best thing for you to do is to move on, if there’s no way to repair your relationship.

3. Gaining weight

This is another one that sneaks up on you. Studies shows that millions of Americans are overweight, not by choice but by their lifestyle.

Now, you don’t grow up expecting that one day, you’ll gain so much weight that you’ll want to lose it. No. It just sneaks up on you.

One moment you have that figure you love so much, the next moment you see you’ve gained weight and you’re scouring the internet looking for ways to lose it.

It happens to almost every one of us.

What do you do? Look back and see why you gained weight in the first place, see if you can make changes in your lifestyle that can help you lose the weight.

If you’ve started eating some foods you were not eating before, then stop eating those foods. Start eating healthily.

Did you use to work out? Starting working out again, and you’ll see changes in your body.

4. Ageing

We all expect to grow old one day, but when you’re young, you don’t see yourself ageing. You see it far away like in a distant world.

But sooner or later you find yourself there. You’re already growing old.

I was once a teen, now I’m 28 years old, soon I’ll be 30. I feel I'm getting old already and it happened so quickly I didn't even notice it.

Age sneaks up on us all.

What can you do about it? Nothing! Just live your life as best as you can. Make relationships and travel. Just make sure you’re living your life and not just going through it.

Do what you love to do, not the one your parents or any other person wants you to do. Pursue your dreams as long as they’re reasonable.

5. Responsibility

As you grow older, you gain more responsibility.

At one time in your life, you were just a kid and your parents or guardians are the ones responsible for you.

As time goes on, you grow up, you leave home, and you gain more responsibility. You fall in love you gain more responsibility.

You get married, you gain some more responsibility. You have a child, you gain more. You get another child, you gain even more responsibility.

As a parent, you have to teach your kids this right from the start. You have to show them that each of their actions have consequences either good or bad, and they have to bear those consequences when they take those actions.

Teaching your children to be responsible for their actions while they’re young helps turn them into responsible adults.

6. Anxiety


Anxiety is one nasty feeling that sneaks up on us as well. You become anxious and afraid when you’re not really in danger.

That’s what anxiety is, being afraid when there’s no danger. The situation you’re afraid of might even be in the future, and might not actually happen, but you find yourself thinking about it and losing sleep over it.

We all get anxious once in a while, but it becomes chronic in some people. Personally, I was once anxious about speaking in public, and I wrote an article about how I was able to overcome it here.

You can read it too, to learn how you can overcome and find relief if you’re living with anxiety.

7. Failure

When you were younger, you were probably told several times that you can do anything and achieve anything you want to achieve.

But no one tells you that you’ll fail probably more than ones as you try to achieve those things. Sooner or later in life, you meet up with failure and devastated.

You never planned for it, but it happened.

Failure sneaks up on us all, it’s part of life. You have to deal with it as you go on in life. You’ll always fail at things.

If you haven’t failed at anything, then you haven’t attempted anything worth doing.

In fact the more you fail at things, the better. It means you’re busy, you’re trying many things and you’re learning.

Failure will help you to savor and enjoy your success when it comes.

8. Success

It’s not just dark and gloomy when things sneak up on you. Success happens too. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it.

You might have failed so much in life, and it’s not a bad thing to fail. Failure just becomes bad when you quit because of it.

At the end of every dark tunnel, there is light, there is success. You just have to keep moving. Stay in the middle of the tunnel, then you’ll not see light.

Keep moving, keep failing and success will sneak up on you when you least expect it. It will smile on you at the end of your tunnel of failure.

Success sneaks up on us all if we just keep moving.

Fitness At Work: 4 Genius Tips To Stay In Shape If You Have A Desk Job

Fitness at work, especially a desk job. Is it possible? Is it possible to stay fit when your job involves sitting all day?

Well, it’s not easy to pull off, and sitting all day isn’t advisable as well. Especially since recent reports suggests it’s linked to early death, increases risk of diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

The issue with having a desk job is not just about the fitness concerns. It’s also the pains and aches you start to experience after some time.

I can tell firsthand because I’ve suffered from severe back pain from always sitting down all day doing my job.

I don’t really have a desk job per se, but I work from home, so I always sit down working with my computer.

Even though I didn’t feel any pains at first, but over time I couldn’t bear the sitting any more.

I got sick of the pains and weight I was starting to gain, I decided to make a few changes to not just my work routine, but my lifestyle as a whole.

Here are 3 things I did to stop the back pain and stay in shape while working at home which you can also do if you have a desk job.

1. Short morning workout

Until quite recently, I wasn’t doing any type of workout. But it’s pretty fascinating what a simple workout in the morning can help you accomplish during the day and how it can make you feel.

Even if you don’t have any good workout equipment, a simple skipping rope can help you accomplish a lot. Buy a simple skipping rope and do some skipping in the morning.

skipping rope for fitness

Skipping or jumping rope will increase your heart rate, making your heart work harder pumping oxygenated and deoxygenated blood through your body. It’s a good exercise for the heart.

It also helps burn calories which is good for weight loss.

2. Change your posture

This is one of the most effective ways to relieve yourself of the pain that comes with sitting down all day.

Find a way to stand up while working. That may involve getting a standing desk. Even if it’s not possible for you to get a standing desk, you can simply buy a laptop stand like this one below.

laptop stand for fitness at work

If you work with a laptop, you can simply place it on your desk, increase the height, and you can work with your laptop while standing.

You can go back to sitting down if you are tired of standing.

Changing your posture while working is very important, even for weight loss. You burn calories when you stand while working.

Even if you want to lie down, the laptop stand above will allow you to work while lying down. I have one and sometimes I use it to work at home while lying down.

You can try it yourself.

3. Move around

You have a desk job, you’re not chained to it. Try to leave your chair every 20 or 30 minutes and move around.

If you need to talk to coworker, don’t call or send an email. Use that as an opportunity to walk to him or her and deliver your message.

Moving around will take you away from your computer for a few minutes, might even give you fresh ideas on what you’re working on once you’re back.

4. Avoid junk food

Sitting around all day is bad enough. Don’t make matters worse by eating junk foods that will make you fat.

Cut down on restaurant foods. Instead, eat whole foods made up of fruits, veggies, and even healthy low calorie snacks.

Drink plenty of water. It will help keep you hydrated, full and alert. Drinking water also prevents unnecessary cravings and stop you from eating unhealthy snacks that aren’t good for you.

Do you have any other tips to help stay fit and healthy while at work? Tell us using the comment section below.

17 Of The Best Low Carb Keto Snacks You Can Shop On Amazon

Snacking is allowed and it's a fun part of the keto diet, and there are many low carb keto snacks you can find and shop on Amazon.

This week, we browsed through Amazon to fish out these low carb keto snacks, and we've been able to discover 17 of their best keto snacks.

If you’re like us looking for the best keto snacking ideas, then look no further you're in the right place.

Below are some 17 of the best keto snacks you can buy on Amazon right now. They’re so yummy, you’ll thank me later.

1. Keto mini cookies – low carb and gluten free

This keto mini cookie is sweet treat you can eat on the keto diet. It’s low carb and gluten free, made with natural ingredients like almond flour, collagen and coconut oil.

Happy snacking.

2. Whisps Cheese Crisps

You can snack safely with these crunchy whisp cheese crips on the keto diet. It’s an excellent source of protein and calcium.

Each serving contains about 1-2 grams of carbs, thus it’s totally low in carb and keto friendly.

It doesn’t require any refrigeration.

3. Keto slim fast fat bombs

These keto slim fast fat bombs are the perfect combination of whey protein and collagen. Eating it will help your body go into ketosis quicker and help you burn fat.

It’s the perfect keto snack to help your achieve your weight loss goals easily.

4. Almonds Keto Snacks

almonds keto snacks

Almonds are natural sources of fiber. They’re also good sources of vitamin E and magnesium. It’s a perfect snack to help your body with these vital nutrients you need on the keto diet.

You can snack these unroasted Almonds on the keto diet without affecting your diet.

5. Dang toasted coconut chips

dang toasted coconut chips keto snacks

It’s also loaded with bold exciting flavors that will make you even love them more.

You can enjoy this toasted coconut chips as a keto, paleo or any other low carb diet snack. They’re gluten free and are also vegan friendly.

They’re unsweetened but lightly salted. Try them out, they’re delicious.

6. Elan Dark Chocolate Macadamia Granola

dark chocolate macadamia granola keto snacks

This keto friendly natural granula is loaded with macadamia nuts, crushed cacao beans, almonds and hazelnuts, and contain no processed sweeteners.

It’s made up of 3g sugar, 4g protein and 4g net carbs. It’s gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soy free, contains low sodium and it’s also vegan friendly.

It’s a delicious keto snack you can shop on Amazon right now.

7. Quest Tortilla Style Protein Chips

quest tortilla style protein chips keto snacks

Try this low carb quest tortilla style protein chips as your next keto snack. I’m sure you’ll totally fall in love with them because they’re very delicious.

It contains only 4g net carbs and 18g of protein. They’re baked and made with only high quality milk and whey protein.

8. Keto Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

keto grass fed beef sticks - keto snacks

These are one of my favorite keto snacks. They’re paleo friendly, gluten free, and whole 30 approved. They’re made with 100 percent non-GMO ingredient including grass fed and grass finished beef.

Each 1.15 oz beef stick contains 9g of protein and contains only 100 calories. It’s a delicious snack you’ll definitely enjoy on the keto or any other low-carb diet.

9. Low carb keto blueberry granola

low carb keto blueberry granola snacks

This is a blueberry granola snack. It’s another low carb granola keto snack that will fit right into your keto diet.

It contains only 3g net carbs. You can eat it hot or cold with almond milk or heavy cream, or you can just eat it like that right out of the bag.

10. KETO and CO Fudge Brownie Mix

keto and co fudge brownie mix

This KETO and CO fudge brownie mix is one of the most delicious keto snacks you’re ever going to taste. It’s so yummy, you might even doubt it’s low carb.

It contains only 1.1 net carbs, contains no added sugar, it’s naturally sweetened, diabetic friendly and it’s gluten free.

Try it, you’d love it the rich chocolate taste.

11. Nutritious chocolate chips by Quest

healthy chocolat chips keto snacks on Amazon

These quest chocolate chips contains only 4g net carbs and 15g of protein. It’s low carb, gluten free and a delicious snack you can try on the keto diet.

12. ChocZero’s Dark Chocolate Almonds

choczero dark chocolate almonds snack

Try this dark chocolate almonds for a suger free, gluten free, low carb keto diet snack. Each bag contain 6 servings, with 2g net carbs per serving.

It’s so yummy, you might get addicted to it. It’s a very delicious treat you can try on the keto diet.

13. Keto Cheesecake

keto cheesecake snacks

With just only 4g of carb and 15 g of fat per serving, this keto cheesecake is perfectly keto friendly and gluten free.

It’s made from real cream cheese and tastes really yummy.

14. Utz Keto Pork Rinds

utz pork rinds keto snacks

The Utz pork rinds are as yummy as yummy is ever going to get. They taste nice and crunchy. You can now swap your potato chips with these low carb pork rinds.

The most amazing thing about these snacks is that they are zero carbs. They’re the perfect low carb snacks for anyone on the keto diet.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

15. Highkey Keto cheese crunch

Seriously, these keto cheese crunch snack by HighKey will leave a taste in your mouth that you’ll not forget so soon.

It’s made with only natural ingredients like cheddar, parmesan, bacon and everything spices. It contains only 1g of carbs, with either zero or no carbs per serving.

The Highkey cheese crunch is one of the best low carb snack you can ever try whether you’re on keto, Atkins or Paleo diet.

They’re good treats for kids as well, and you can be sure that your kids will love them.

16. Mega Omega Trail Mix Keto Snacks

mega omega trail mix keto snacks

If you want yummy delicious snacks that will provide your body with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, then this mega mix of nuts, seeds and fruits is just what you need.

It contains walnuts, almonds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and mango. It’s the perfect mix of healthy low carb snacks perfect for anyone on the keto diet.

There are no artificial ingredients in it. It’s gluten free, vegan and even certified by Kosher.

16. Keto Cheese Mix

keto cheese mix snacks

This keto friendly cheese mix contains only 3g net carbs and it’s packed with different crunchy cheeses and salted nuts.

What Is The Elimination Diet? How And Why You Should Start It

An elimination diet is not for weight loss. I think that is the first thing you need to know.

If you’re trying to lose weight, an elimination diet is not the diet plan you should be going for. Instead, you can try weight loss diet plans like the popular ketogenic diet, atkins diet and the nutritarian diet just to name a few.

The elimination diet however is for identifying food intolerances and allergies.

Today, it’s estimated that between 2-20 percent of people in the world suffer one food intolerance or more, making it very common in people today.

The elimination diet helps to identify these food sensitivities and intolerances so people can identify and rule out foods that are not good for them.

How the elimination diet works

An elimination diet involves two phases which usually lasts from 5 to 6 weeks. One is the elimination phase and the other is the reintroduction phase.

The first phase which is the elimination phase involves removing all foods which you suspect that your body can’t tolerate from your diet.

While the next phase which is the reintroduction phase involves slowly reintroducing the foods you’ve eliminated from your diet back into your diet while watching for symptoms.

Some of these foods includes foods containing gluten, seafoods, pork, wheat, nightshade veggies, corn, nuts, soy and eggs.

Here are some of the symptoms you should watch for.


Rashes and skin changes


Headaches or migraines

Joint pain

Changes in bowel habits

Difficulty sleeping

Changes in breathing

Stomach pain


During the reintroduction phase, when you reintroduce a food group back into your diet, if you experience no symptoms, then you can assume that it is good and you can move on to introducing the next food group into your diet.

On the other hand, if you experience any negative symptoms, then you have successfully identified food group that isn’t good for you. One which you should remove from your diet.

Other Types of elimination diet

Apart from the traditional elimination diet described above, there are other types of elimination diet which you should be aware of.

Here are some of them:

Few foods elimination diet: The few foods elimination diet involves eating a few foods which you don’t eat on a regular basis. One example of the few foods elimination diet is the lamb and pears diet which is common in the United States.

Low-FODMAPs diet: this elimination diet removes FODMAPs from your diets. These FODMAPs are short-chained carbs which some people can’t easily digest. The low-FODMAPs diet eliminates these FODMAPs.

Fasting elimination diet: fasting elimination diet should only be administered under your doctor’s supervision. It involves drinking water only for up to 5 days and then reintroducing food groups one after the other to determine anyone causing unusual symptoms.

Rare foods elimination diet: in this diet you only eat foods that you rarely ever eat to identify anyone that cause symptoms that your body is not able to tolerate.

Benefits of the elimination diet

The main reason for an elimination diet is that it helps you discover and single out foods that cause symptoms that your body cannot tolerate.

If you’re experiencing symptoms you feel are being caused by your diet, then trying an elimination diet can help you discover the foods causing those symptoms.

An elimination diet however should only be done short term. It’s not a permanent diet. It basically lasts between 5 to 6 weeks.

It’s should not be administered to children as well, unless under the supervision of a doctor or dietician.

Infographics: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Elimination Diet

Pin this infographics for easy reference. 

What Is The Nutritarian Diet? Can It Really Help For Weight Loss?

There wasn’t any word like Nutritarian until Dr Joel Fuhrman introduced it in 2003 in his book “Eat To Live”.

As the book name suggests, when you eat the Nutritarian way, you’ll live longer, along with experiencing a host of other health benefits like weight loss.

The nutritarian diet emphasizes the eating of plant-based, gluten-free, low-fat and low-salt foods that supplies your body with abundant micronutrients.

The diet stresses that for you to have good health and have the ideal body weight that you want, the ratio of nutrients to calories in your food has to be very high.

It discourages or limits the eating of highly processed foods in favor of whole plant-based high nutrient foods.

In return for eating like this? You’ll lose weight, your aging will be slowed down, increasing your life span and the diet will even prevent and reverse chronic sicknesses like diabetes and heart disease.

Well, how true is this?

Can the Nutritarian Diet really help you lose weight?

The simple answer to that question is yes. There are several reasons why the nutritarian diet can help you lose weight.

Eating as a nutritarian means eating calorie-rich foods such as meat, eggs, dairy, high-sugar processed foods, salts and oils are a NO-NO or greatly limited.

These naturally restricts your calorie intake which is essential for weight loss. This is the first reason why the nutritarian diet helps in weight loss.

A second reason is that the diet discourages snacking. Without snacking, you’re obviously still eating fewer calories as a result.

The diet encourages the eating of plant-based high nutrient foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

These foods are all high fiber foods which helps to reduce hunger and cravings, helping you to eat even less calories, and thus helps you lose weight.

Apart from weight loss, the nutritarian diet also benefits your health in other ways such as fighting and reversing of chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

The diet is low in sugar, rich in fiber and promotes low-glycemic foods which are less likely to spike blood sugar levels and help to stabilize blood sugar.

How to start the Nutritarian diet

The nutritarian diet is designed in a way such that you consumed nutrient-densed whole foods. Although it doesn’t restrict your calorie intake, it emphasizes the need for you to take eat more micronutrients per the amount of calories you eat.

In that way you’ll lose weight permanently.

It has a simple equation like this:  H= N/C

Where H is Health, N is Nutrients and C is Calories. The higher this ratio, the better health you’ll have.

So, how can you start the nutritarian diet.

Dr Fuhrman recommends 4 steps.

The first step is for you to eat Your G-BOMBS. This G-BOMB is just an acronym that stands for Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms and Seeds.

These foods are superfoods and are very healthy for you. Eating these foods is very essential in the Nutritarian diet.

The second step is for you to eat at mealtimes only. Eating at meal times only means that there’s no snacking in this diet.

You only eat at meal times. When eating during these mealtimes, you have to eat until you’re satisfied, but you also have to stop before you feel full, so you don’t overeat.

After your last meal of the day, you have to leave about 13 hours between your last meal and your breakfast the next day.

This period will help your body enter into a catabolic or fat-burning stage before you eat again.

The third step is for you to say a big NO to sugar, sweeteners, salts, processed baked goods, products made with white flour and oil.

These foods are disease-causing according to Dr Fuhrman, they cause depression and are very addictive. So you should avoid them at all cost for you to have good health and lose weight.

The last Step of this diet is for you to replace one meal a day with a salad. Eating salad every day is a requirement if you want to eat the Nutritarian way.

You have to eat a large salad made up of lettuce, tomatoes, raw cruciferous veggies shredded on top, onions and scallions.

To go with the salad, you can use a healthy dressing made with nuts and seeds.

Those are the steps you need to take to start the Nutritarian diet.

Nutritarian diet recipe books to help you get started

To get an even better understanding of the diet, why not pick up the Eat to live book by Dr Fuhrman. It will help you learn about the Nutritarian diet from the man behind it himself.

Or if you just want to just dive into eating the Nutritarian way, you can pick up these nutritarian diet cookbooks, to help you with recipes and instructions on what to eat and what not to eat on the nutritarian diet.

These cookbooks will show you what eating nutritarian is all about. These two below are written by Dr Fuhrman himself.

The first one contains 131 delicious nutritarian diet recipes that will help you start eating the nutritarian way and effectively help you lose weight, reverse illnesses like diabetes and have a better overall health.

The second book contains 200 nutritarian diet recipes that are also going to help you lose weight and achieve optimum health.

9 So-called Healthy Foods That Are Actually Junk Foods In Disguise

So many foods labeled as healthy today are actually junk foods in disguised. Thanks to the heavy marketing done by the people that produce them.

You’re eating them, most people are eating these so called healthy foods. As a result of this, the world is fatter and sicker because of them.

Here are 20 of those popular health foods that are actually junk foods in disguise.

1. Fruit juices

Yeah. This one is a very popular one. One almost everyone I know is guilty of.

Fruit juices

Many people today believe they are healthy foods. But alas, they’re not.

In fact, most of the fruit juices you find in the supermarkets today are not actually juices made from fruits.

They’re just sweetened chemicals made to taste like fruit.

Research shows that even if you’re even drinking 100 percent juice made from fruits, it’s still not a good idea, because when you make a real fruit juice, you’re eliminating most of the good stuff that makes up a fruit like the fiber.

What’s left when you make a fruit juice is just the sugar. You’ve eliminated the other good stuff your body needs.

It’s better to eat whole fruits than to drink fruit juice.

2. Margarine 

Eating margarine instead of real butter (grass-fed) is the actually the worst nutritional mistake you’re ever going to make.

Margarine is not food, but just a mixture of refine refined oil and chemicals that have been made to taste like food.

It’s the ultimate junk food if you ask me.

Butter was demonized back in the day due to the fact that it contains highly saturated fat. But studies like the Framingham Heart Study has shown that people who eat margarine are more likely to die of heart disease than people who eat butter.

So, try to eat real butter, instead of margarine which is just a mixture of chemicals and refined oils.

3. Low-fat and fat-free foods

When you see the word low-fat or fat-free in a food packaging, take to your heels.

Any food labelled like that is a highly processed product loaded with sugar.

Back in the day, saturated fat was demonised, as a result, most manufacturers started removing fat from all their foods.

The problem is, when you remove fat from food, the food tastes horrible. As a result, these same manufacturers started replacing the fat with sugar.

Today, research has shown that saturated fat is harmless. Sugar on the other hand is very harmful when too much of it is consumed.

So, all low-fat and fat-free foods are actually junk foods in disguise. Take to your hills when you see them.

4. Smoothies

smoothies junk foods in disguise

If you want a smoothie, make it at home. Most commercial smoothies marketed as healthy foods are just liquid sugar to say the list.

They have no nutritional value.

A good example of this is when The Center of Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) sued Pepsico, the makers of Naked smoothie for misleading consumers claiming that their smoothie is healthier than they really are.

Check the ingredients carefully if you really have to buy a commercially made smoothie, or better still make it by yourself at home.

5. Sports drinks

Just because athletes drink it does not mean it is healthy for you.

Sports drinks were basically designed because of athletes, who need them to recover after the high physical activities and training they engage in.

These sports drinks are made up of electrolytes and sugars, which is not good for ordinary working people.

Even if you’re working out, its better you stick to plain old water if you want to hydrate than trying to mimic athletes and drinking these sugary sports drinks.

6. Vegetable oils

Several research and studies have shown that despite lowering cholesterol levels, vegetable oils like canola oil, soybean oil and grape seed oil act can increase the risk of death from both cancer and heart disease.

For your own health, it’s better that you stick to natural fats like coconut oil, olive oil and butter and avoid processed vegetable oils at all cost.

Vegetable oils are advertised to be healthy, but they’re actually one of the worst junk foods you can eat today.

7. Low carb junk food

Just because a food is low carb doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

Although, low carb foods have a host of health benefits such as weight loss, food manufacturers have taken advantage of their popularity to produce highly processed low carb junk foods.

A good example of that is the Atkins bars. Take a look at the ingredients, and you’ll find no real food there. What you see is just refined ingredients and chemicals.

Eating products like this will not jeopardize your health, but these low carb junk foods don’t really nourish your body in any way, and they’re not to be eaten regularly.

Yes, they’re technically low carb, but they’re still junk foods and are unhealthy for you.

8. Vegan junk foods like vegan bacon and vegan pasta

Highly processed foods are bad for health whether they’re vegan or not.

Vegan bacon and vegan pasta are just some of them

The vegan diet’s popularity has given rise to many of these vegan highly processed foods which are meant to serve as replacements for non-vegan foods.

The reality is, they’re not healthy, even for vegans.

They’re junk foods.

Whether you’re vegan or not, if you want to eat and stay healthy, you have to shift your focus from these highly processed factory foods and eat natural whole foods.

9. Commercial salad dressings

Most of the salad dressings you find in supermarkets and grocery shops are incredibly unhealthy. They’re made with vegetable oil, sugar and other artificial chemicals which are not good for health.

Even though the vegetables you eat are very healthy, adding these kind of artificial salad dressings will compromise the nutrients already in your veggies.

These salad dressings are junk food in disguise of being healthy.

 If you’re grocery shopping, make sure you check the ingredients of any salad dressing you buy to make sure you’re eating the right thing, or you can just make your own for peace of mind.

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